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My name is LaDonna and for the last 2 years I've had a couple of problems in my life. First one is I do need help with getting two teeth pulled. I'm constantly in pain and only God knows how many pain medications I have taken and how many antiboditics I've taken to stop the pain. Im a single mother of 7, but only 3 live with me. I have a 16, 2, and 1 year old. My other kids are grown, I dont work because my last child was diagnosis with Downs Syndrome and I choose to stay at home with her. Her and my 2 year old receive SSI checks which I have to buy clothes, shoes and pampers and to pay all my bills with. thats leaves me with nothing for myself, to get my teeth pulled. Cant afford a dental plan, cause I dont have the money to pay the dentist for what the insurance wont pay. Can someone please help me with this matter. I've tried everything from trying to get a loan with bad credit(that didn't work)and I also have tried programs to get a government loan. (that didn't work, I felt I was being conned out of money I didn't have. I also tried to get help with a government grant to move away from the racist town that me and my family ended up in from Hurricane Rita. to be closer with me family that's 6 hours away. I dont bother anyone, but have had some recent things that have happened where I no longer feel save in the town. I've looked at apartments in Houston, Texas on the internet that I would love to move in but really don't know if I would be able to pay rent at $700 and pay my other bills and make sure that my children have all the things that need.

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